No end in sight.

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Valentino Rossi has finally spoken out about his ongoing feud with Marc Marquez and has said he cannot see an end to it anytime soon.

The last few rounds of the MotoGP 2015 brought more drama to the sport than a whole year in a soap opera, culminating in the clash at Sepang between Marquez and his former idol, Rossi. The Italian was penalised for colliding with the Repsol Honda rider and his subsequent demotion to the back of the grid for the final round at Valencia, it was a sanction which ultimately brought to an end any realistic chances of the Italian picking up his tenth world title last season. Now on the eve of the new campaign, Rossi says he cannot see himself shaking the hand of his rival or rekindling any sort of relationship he once had with the young Spaniard.

“After last season, nothing will be the same.” Rossi told Motorsprint.

BUT the 37 year old expects things to go back to a more normal level in terms of racing once the season gets underway after accusing Marquez of baulking him to help his countryman, Jorge Lorenzo, win the title ahead of Rossi.

“It would have been already difficult to beat Lorenzo in a normal situation, but when Marquez went against me, I realised I got screwed. It would be hypocritical to say that it’s over and shake his hand, because it’s not true. I’ll never forget what happened.

He continued: “It would have been better that Marc had continued to focus on his own races. His intentions were clear, with the icing on the cake being the Valencia race.

“However, now it is no longer relevant. After what happened, our relationship can never be recovered. I like to do real things, not to pretend.”

Rossi intends to use last season’s events to his advantage however as he’s more determined than ever to lift the Premier Class crown for an eighth time in 2016.

“This means that this year I will be much stronger than last year,” he said. “I will be very hard to beat.

“I am very motivated, I’m happy to start another season and have another chance to fight with Lorenzo and Marquez.”


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