MotoGP: KTM To Unveil GP Racer at Austrian GP

Photo: KTM
KTM is will be unveiling its RC16 MotoGP race bike at the Red Bull Ring  when premier class racing returns to Austria on August 19-21.
 The bike, which has a 90-degree V-4 and a steel-tube chassis with bottom-braced aluminum swingarm, is undergoing a thorough in-house testing programme ahead of its competitive debut in the 2017 season, with test riders Alex Hofmann and Mika Kallio putting the bike through its paces.
 Initial teaser photos from KTM show that the RC16 features an Akrapovic exhaust exiting from the seat tail and another one exiting from under the rider’s right foot, which are the trademark characteristics of a V4. Paddock insiders expect the Gp16 to have a 16,000 rpm rev limit, with the power plant pumping out some 270bhp.
Other distinguishing features include a seamless gearbox designed by X-Trac, a large intake on the front fairing and massive top-to-bottom radiator.
 However, the bike won’t have pneumatic values as KTM feels they are too complicated and lower durability.
The bike is being officially unveiled to the public during the Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring and is expected to make its racing debut as a wildcard entry at the season’s final race in Valencia.

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