Suzi Perry to make MotoGP return?

Perry has always had a passion for bikes. Photo:

In what would be a welcome return for many, it has been reported today that former BBC Formula One presenter Suzi Perry could make a shock return to MotoGP with BT Sport this season.

First reported on the Daily Mail today (2nd March) and now by other sites it seems momentum is building on the rumours Perry will be back in the GP paddock.

The 45 year old covered the pinnacle of motorbike racing for 13 years from 1997, and started working for BBC Sport a few years later. Back when the BBC was the provider for the UK, Perry’s presenting skills were immensely popular with GP fans and was highly respected in the paddock.

It wasn’t an easy decision for Perry to stop covering the series, but health problems back in 2010 with trying to juggle other work commitments made it too difficult to continue. 

Moving to cover Formula One for the BBC in 2013, she was hoping to continue into this season until it made the shock switch over the Channel Four.

As riders are out on track testing in Qatar this evening, Perry has been busy following the BT Sport MotoGP account and Bradley Smith. (Who you would have thought she’d have been following before.)

However BT Sport now have a pretty solid team of presenters behind them; with the four main anchors of Craig Doyle, Gavin Emmett, Abi Griffths and Neil Hodgson it’ll be interesting to see how (or if) Suzi Perry will fit in.

To add fuel to the fire current BT Sport MotoGP presenter Abi Griffiths recently tweeted implying she may not be at the races next season:



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