Iddon responds to Barrier crash claims

Bimota Alstare’s Christian Iddon has responded to claims surrounding Sylvain Barrier’s crash at Laguna Seca, which saw the defending Superstock 1000 champion break his heel.

Shortly after Barrier was heading for the pit wall

Photo: Bimota Alstare

In their second collision of the day, Iddon claims the crash was caused following BMW Motorrad’s Barrier cutting across the racing line coming out of the final corner and therefore colliding with the Brit, which caused the ‘racing incident’ as they came onto the home straight.

The race wasn’t stopped and disciplinary action wasn’t taken on either rider. Barrier has suggested that it was Iddon who caused the crash, saying the Brit crashed into him and now Iddon has put across his side of the crash.

Iddon has explained:“I had hoped to not to need to comment on the crash of Sylvain Barrier in Laguna Seca and have so far stayed quiet. However, following recent escalating and extreme allegations as well as poor behaviour from other parties involved, I feel I now must respond.

The ‘incident’ between Sylvain Barrier and myself at Laguna Seca was nothing more than a racing incident and had it been anything more than that Race Direction would have been involved and they have not.

Nobody in the press has been in contact with me to ask my side of what happened, and the fact is that there is no video evidence so far to support any other version of events. Therefore I find it hugely unfair for certain press personnel to be presenting an opinion as fact.

Sylvain had tried to pass me into the final corner and ran extremely wide. I was able to accelerate well with a good line – unlike Sylvain who lost all acceleration and tried to cut my line by continuing to turn left after the exit of the turn. Our paths crossed and I was very lucky not to crash (even a piece was broken from my boot) when he collided with me. Unfortunately Sylvain fell from his machine.

Picture evidence also shows that I gave more than ample room on the exit of the turn and was almost in the middle of the circuit, and ahead, at the point of contact. 
Despite this, I still deem it to simply be a racing incident in much the same way I deemed the start of Race 1 to have been a ‘racing incident’ when Sylvain hit me off the line after making a poor start and, as in the other collision, turned left to cut my line. Once again I was lucky not to crash, but I accepted the mistake and said nothing.

Sylvain is a hugely talented racer and it is a great shame that this behaviour and these comments have occurred.Despite all of this, I do of course still wish Sylvain a full and speedy recovery.
I understand we as a team are very much in the media spotlight, which is ever increasing, as is the number of other riders commenting on our racing. I can only take this as a huge compliment as Team Bimota Alstare, my team mate Ayrton Badovini and even myself are proving what strong competition we are now, and will be in the future.”


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