Successful surgery for Ellison after terrifying Brands crash

Lloyds British GBmoto rider James Ellison underwent successful surgery on his right femur yesterday (Monday), after he sustained the injury in a terrifyingly fast crash in the red flagged race two at Brands Hatch this weekend.

Ellison’s crash landed him in hospital


The former MotoGP rider was leading the race as his Kawasaki flung him over coming through…. after clipping the grass at the Kent circuit. Seemingly OK at first, Ellison was able to sit up as he watched his competitors fly past just shortly before the red flags we’re waved as the bike left fuel on the track.

Airlifted to hospital in order to prevent any further damage to his already pinned pelvis, Ellison was then told he would need surgery on his right hip after he sustained an intertrochanteric fracture (lumps at the top of femur). It also looked as if he would need a skin graft on his injured right knee.

Morphine or just high spirts?

Photo: @racingellison

As is regularly the case with social media these days, Ellison has been keeping his fans up to date on his progress since being admitted to hospital on Sunday night, and has updated as well as reassured fans, showing his spirit hasn’t been dampened: “#update Successful op, old femur nail removed, to make way for plates and screws at the 90degree bend going into hip. Knee cap still cracked…. but hole stitched up, no need to graft in the end. Still hurting but my boy left me this so I shud pull thru.”

There’s still no word on how long the 33 year old will be out of action for, with team principal Mark Smith-Havorsen urging that there’s not rush from the team for Ellison’s return after speaking yesterday: “After looking so strong all weekend it was a gutting conclusion for James. He was out there leading the race and pushing with the front-running pace he had shown all weekend, but one small mistake has ended with a huge accident that was entirely undeserved. From here we as a team will be doing everything we can to ensure a swift and complete recovery for James so we can see him back out where he belongs, on his Lloyds British GBmoto Kawasaki.  Currently, we have no confirmation on how long he will be out of action for and we’ll not be pushing for him to return until he is fully fit and ready to do so. I would like to personally send my best wishes to James, as do the entire team – our well wishes also go to Barry Burrell who had a crash yesterday too.”


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