Luxton and Faber have a strong weekend for JDF Racing at Brands Hatch

12 year old Shane Faber had a strong start to his Superteen campaign this weekend at Brands Hatch, where the JDF rider finished inside the top seven in all four races across the weekend whilst team-mate Ben Luxton

Luxton riding through Druids last weekend

Photo: JDF Racing 

sits in third position in the Aprilia RRV 450GP Championship standings.

Older team-mate Ben Luxton had more successful weekend at the start of his second Aprilia RRV 450GP championship campaign, where the Stockport rider finished every race in the top four on his JDF machine. Luxton struggled in 2012 after he was plagued by mechanical issues, but after he joined JDF in 2013 he continued to improve his pace and put in a solid performance finishing the year with 13 podium finishes. He started this season off strongly despite a gear change issue with the machine on the Saturday races at Brands Hatch, he managed a third and fourth place. Luxton explained ‘I just had to manage making sure I changed gear properly as if I stabbed at it I was in the wrong gear or a false neutral, It took a bit of time off me, however that’s racing and the other lads were riding well.’ 

After sorting out the gear change issue the bike gave no problems in warm up with Ben posting second fastest time. With twenty four RRV’s on the grid for race one it was going to be a tough race, however Luxton managed another podium in third place and posting what was to become the fasted time of the weekend by a 450 at 50.0925 secs.

The final race of the day saw Luxton clinically move past a rider on each lap. Luxton explained ‘on the basis of the Mega laps system I moved from second place on the grid to fifth on the second row, so I knew I had to have a good start as the boys were really on it, by the last lap I had got behind race leader Will Hodgson I passed him at Graham Hill but Will immediately passed me back going in to Clearways, it was a drag to the line with Will just keeping his nose in front, a great race!’. Luxton now sits in third postion in the championship standings with 65 points, 30 points off championship leader Willl Hodgson.

Shane in action at Brands

Photo: Racing Lines Photography

Shane Faber performed strongly in the pre-season tests, most notably at Cartegena whilst gaining help from former MotoGP rider Simon Crafar. The Somerset rider is starting his first full season aboard the more powerful Aprilia 125cc bike following his season in the MiniGP series on a 70cc machine. Coming to Brands Hatch last weekend Faber was on strong form and had finishing second in Superteen testing. In the opening race Faber finished in seventh position, and then continued to improve as he went to fifth position in race two. He finished the weekend with two more seventh place finishes and now sits in fifth position in the championship standings with 38 points overall.

Shane explained ‘I put into practise what I had learned with John of JDF last year on the Metrakit bikes, in addition to testing at Cartagena in January of this year, including help from Simon Crafar of Moto Vudu, it was a bit easier than expected as I did the penultimate round at Mallory last year so I knew it was going to be hard, the engine was rebuilt by Tim Jones of Redline Engineering, it went like a steam train whatever that is! John also made adjustments to the suspension over the weekend which improved  the bike as I got quicker, I cannot wait for the second round at Donington!’


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