Lorenzo: "I didn’t expect to win"

Yamaha Factory Racing’s Jorge Lorenzo continued his championship charge in style this weekend at his home round in Barcelona for the Catalan Grand Prix, beating his compatriots in a flawless race. From an unexpected win, the

Lorenzo produced a flawless performance in Barcelona

Photo: Yamaha MotoGP

Spaniard now lies just seven points behind Dani Pedrosa in the world championship standings. 

Reigning World Champion Lorenzo got a slow start to the weekend, following a crash in FP3. Clutch problems halted his qualifying performance and saw him start the race from the outside of the front row, but a stunning start in front of his home fans secured his chances of a strong race. Securing the hole shot into turn one, Lorenzo remained in front for the remainder of the race, despite coming under pressure from his compatriots on the Repsol Hondas. 

Lorenzo’s victory of over two seconds was unexpected but a masterclass nevertheless“A perfect day, to be honest I didn’t expect to win, I knew I had some chance but not like in Mugello where I was more convinced we could get the victory. It was really difficult physically as it was the hottest race of the year. I kept pushing 100% all race because any mistake would have been a disaster. I was surprised at the start as I expected to just pass Cal but I passed Dani also. I took profit from it and tried to open the gap but it was not enough to go away, Dani was there and we played some games, I was 0.5 ahead then 0.2; I was going then he was recovering me. Finally because I was tough mentally and never gave up I could open in the last five laps a little gap that was enough to win. The girl who designed my helmet, Anna Vives, is famous in Spain; she is a symbol that people with Down syndrome are capable of a lot more than some people think. I think it was very original and colourful so I was very proud and happy to have her on the podium to share the win with me.”


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