WSBK: New technical regulations to be introduced from 2014

Ahead of the sixth round of the World Superbike Championship from Portimão in Portugal, the FIM have revealed that after numerous significant discussions with the MSMA and Dorna, they have come up with framework for the new Superbike Technical Rules that are to be implemented progressively in 3 stages, from 2014. 

New technical regs will be introduced gradually

Photo: Fixi Suzuki

Since Dorna took over the World Superbike Championship at the beginning of this season, talks have been taking place to reduce the cost of running bikes in the championship and to perhaps bring down the spec of the machines, due to the fact that it is supposedly a ‘production based championship’ and many of the motorcycles are not a million miles away from the performance of MotoGP bikes. 

The need for cost reduction has also been exclaimed by the fact that the numbers on the grid for the 2013 WSBK championship are significantly down compared to previous years, not even reaching twenty bikes on the grid. Compare that to MotoGP this year, where the grid is now flourishing with well over twenty motorcycles per GP. This apparent prosperity is a result of the cost reduction method introduced there in 2012, in the form of the Claiming Rules Team bikes.

Thus, a main focus from the three parties involved in the rule formation process (FIM, Dorna and MSMA), is to introduce a maximum price for the bikes which shall be reduced gradually over the course of the next three seasons. 

Like the championships’ prototype counterpart, MotoGP, a cap on the amount of engines that may be used per season is also to be introduced. Cost limitations are also to be put on components such as the suspension, brakes and gearbox ratios. It has also been agreed by the manufacturers that currently compete in World Superbikes that “a minimum number of motorcycles with the same state of tuning” will be available for sale or through lease.

The FIM have confirmed that a full draft of the new regs will be released soon, we will of course publish that as and when we get it.

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