Jack Kennedy talks transition to WSS, new circuits & plans for the future.

After missing out on the British Supersport title in 2012 in the final race, Irishman Jack Kennedy moved up to the World Supersport championship with Rivamoto Honda, managed by former 250GP winner Jeremy McWilliams. Not knowing most of the circuits, Kennedy hasn’t finished outside the top ten once this season

Kennedy has impressed so far this season in WSS

Photo: Rivamoto Honda

bar a crash in Monza and achieved his best ever result of 6th at Donington Park but was running as high as 3rd at one point. PaddockChatter caught up with the Dubliner for a quick chat on how he feels the season is going…

It’s a big step going from the British paddock to a World Championship paddock – how do you feel this transition has gone so far? 

It’s just learning as you go every time, yeah it is a lot more difficult, machines here I suppose are just banging in lap after lap after lap especially in the races it’s probably the hardest thing to get your head around. Also the races are maybe twice the distance and time as a British Supersport race – so I’m just learning every time. Obviously the heat in the hot countries also make a difference. I’m just taking it all in and taking it step by step and we’re getting there.
You’re racing a lot of circuits this year that you’ve never ridden before, how do you prepare for a new circuit? 
The only way I can really prepare is to play games on the Xbox or Playstation and just do lap upon lap and it does help, obviously it’s a good idea to know which way you’re going – which is left and which is right! It’s good, me and my Dad always have little competitions and I always beat him! The only thing it doesn’t give you is cambers, breaking markers and stuff like that but it’s the only way I have to learn them before I go out there. I also get a bit of track information from Jeremy [McWilliams] out on the track and Eugene Laverty will take me around and give me some pointers as well so it’s good to have people like that around also.

How is it working with Jeremy McWilliams? He’s a big name!
Yeah, he is a big name, it’s great to have his knowledge by my side and just last minute decisions and you just look up to him for that because obviously he’s been there done it all. He always stays calm, calm with me as well, he never puts me under any pressure and he has a good laugh away from the races as well which is also important, so yeah I really enjoy working with him.

There are some really fast riders in this paddock, Sofuoglu has three titles and Lowes seems unstoppable at the moment, how does it feel for you to be able to mix it with these guys out there?
It’s great, I’ve been watching Sofuoglu for a long time on TV and the likes of all these riders, like Scassa and Marino and I’m used to watching them from a long time ago and to be here with them is great and to be battling with them and beating some of them as well! I’ve beaten some of them in most of the qualifying and racing and as I say, a lot of them are really good racers and can just bang in the laps for a lot longer than I’d be used to so we’re just getting used to that and we’re getting there.

You’ve shown a lot of potential already this year and if it carries on you’ve surely put yourself in a good position for next year?

That’s what we planned to do, I like to do things step by step and one of my sponsors at Dawn International says everytime I see him, “points points points”. We just have to finish every race, this is very important because we were in the top 7 in the championship until Monza when we had that slip off and moved back to 10th but I’m hoping we’ll regain that. 

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