Redding: "I wasn’t going to pass up a chance like that"

MarcVDS rider Scott Redding is ecstatic to have won his second ever Moto2 race straight off the back of his maiden victory last time out in Le Mans. Redding put in a sublime performance to win in Mugello from

Redding leads Terol and Zarco

Photo: MarcVDS

Nico Terol and Johann Zarco.

Takaaki Nakagami took an early lead at the Italian circuit however Redding looked incredibly strong as he shadowed the Japenese rider, eventually taking the lead from him and beginning to build a gap. Redding was caught by Nico Terol at around the midpoint however the Spaniard could not keep up the pace, allowing Redding back past after around 4 laps.

Redding’s second victory means he becomes the youngest ever British rider to score back-to-back Grand Prix wins, a record previously held by Barry Sheene and leads the Moto2 championship by a whopping 43 points.

Redding commented: “What a weekend! It didn’t start well, as I just didn’t feel comfortable on the bike, but after consigning it to the skip Saturday morning, the new bike felt much better. Qualifying on pole really boosted my confidence and once we got going I knew straight away that another win was a possibility. I slotted in behind Taka, pushing past when he started to slow and immediately pulled a gap. I’m not sure how Terol and Zarco caught me, but once Terol went in front I could see he wasn’t comfortable running the pace. I have no idea why he decided to let me through, but I wasn’t going to pass up a chance like that. I knew I could pull away, and that’s what I did.”


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