Estments Estimates, Exaggerations and Excursions

Well I’m proud to say that the powers that be have kindly agreed (after much discussion and a little bribery) that I can do my best to entertain, explain and share my views, experiences and insight into the various forms of motorcycle racing  (four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul) here in the UK and around the globe.

This is my debut article so I hope you enjoy it as I touch on MotoGP Mugello and the awesome spectacle of the IOM TT and feel free to potentially agree or disagree with my opinions and thoughts… ok enough of the intro, lets drop the clutch and make it a good start!!
Well It could be argued that Mugello may be the most anticipated MotoGP event since all those years ago when the glorious 500cc two-stroke fire-breathing beasts ruled race tracks around the world with the likes of Schwantz, Rainey, Mackenzie, Doohan, Mamola, Sheene… the list goes on, all in full flow.

Well at this specific event, the question on everybody’s lips and the hopes of millions will be can ‘The Doctor’ , the Italian king of motorcycling, the man on a mission to prove many doubters wrong, Valentino Rossi finally return to the top step of a MotoGP podium on his beloved Yamaha M1? My view…. Hell Yeah, he can!!
If I look at it sitting on the fence and as a realist, I still think Valentino has what it takes to clinch victory in his back yard and it must be said if he is to win anywhere this season, few would say it would not be here. With the circuit fast and flowing with continuous twists and turns it is no surprise to see Rossi turning fast laps out here is as simple as whipping up a magnificent pasta and then devouring it, as many hope to watch him do come this Sundays main event; after all, it would be really fun to watch the 80-odd thousand loyal, passionate and eccentric Italian fans invade the circuit and basically just go manic!
His team mate Mr Lorenzo also has a point to prove and the irritatingly smooth style of this man, who makes it look like he is on a warm up lap when actually setting pole position, has to be a vital attribute around a circuit, which many would agree, suits this type of style… you simply cannot count him out to march on to the win come Sunday.
This all said there is an absolutely spectacular line up of riders who have now proved their point that Rossi must now play catch up and do the hard yards to try and stop the Spanish super trio of Dani, Marc and Jorge.  Added to that mix there is a certain British fella, Cal Crutchlow, that is seriously staking his claim for a factory seat, many a time showing the Yamaha duo the way round already, showing the rest that pure grit and determination are his main attributes.
There are also the ever improving Ducatis and I would love to see Dovi get a result as he is a top rider and proven front runner.
Can anyone stop the Honda duo though…?? This is a big question. With Dani full of confidence this season doing his usual robotic thing, banging out loads of not only fast but seriously consistent lap times with relative ease, the pint size Spaniard is resembling the beat line of the latest Daft Punk electronica chart topping tune. Can he finally top the charts himself..???
His team mate the magical Marc Marquez has already exceeded everyone’s expectations and the funny bit is you still kind of expect more from this 4 race Moto gp rookie… yes you heard me… Rookie!!! This guy has more motorcycle talent and belief in his left pinky than many will have after a lifetime of trying! In my personal opinion we have welcomed the “new” Rossi to the world of MotoGP and it will not be long until the kid is compared and measured up against the legends should he continue to take the path he is creating every time he swings his leg over the saddle.
At this point we are building up to probably one of the most exciting races on the calendar for the season and as a fellow passionate fanatic of the sport I wish all the riders and teams the very best and a safe weekends racing… Forza Vale!!
On to honestly, in my opinion, the most amazing show of Bravery, Stupidity, Skill, Ability, Measure and outright fearlessness in every sense of the word, the Isle of Man TT by Monster Energy 2013.
What a line up…. All the Brilliant regulars like Dunlop x2, Johnston, Johnson, Anstey, Cummins, Donald, Martin, the list goes on… not to mention the King of the mountain himself Mr John McGuiness and all the exciting newcomers to the event like Josh Brookes, Karl Harris and not to mention my fellow countryman AJ Venter
Not having ever done a lap in a car or on a bike, I don’t have much first-hand knowledge on the subject but as I have mentioned, it must be the greatest show to not only any motorcycle lover but anyone who can digest, absorb and understand the level of bravery and skill these modern day gladiators possess and present to the hundreds and thousands of adoring fans lining the streets and glued to the television and radio around the world. With concrete walls only inches away and elbows brushing the bushes, it really does send goosebumps running up my back.
I think we can expect a mighty battle at the front with many of the guys mentioned above up to try and challenge McGuiness and cement their name in the history books as a true motorcycle legend. The thought of this enthralling battle is mouth watering. Bring it on! The arrival of high profile BSB star Josh Brookes has created much anticipation and with the circuit racer having an impressive showing at the NW 200 as well as his strong consistent finishes in BSB are very highly respected and I’m a fan, but the lack of the kangaroo being able to jump high enough to find the number one plate still stands. Are we seeing a transition happening in front of our eyes… just a thought?
Well Good luck to all involved in the historic and legendary event and may all that are taking part be safe and god speed. Quick bias special mention of SA Rider AJ Venter “ Good Luck Chom… Hou Vas”
Well time for me to check out and I hope that you guys and girls who do read this enjoy it as much as I did writing it. It was a bit of a long first lap but, as they say, you have to warm up the tires before you put in the fast one! 😉
Quick final congrats to Tom Sykes on his double and Sam Lowes on his win as well as Scott Redding in France… Well Done boys!!
Please feel Free to email thoughts or questions, is what you need…

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