PIC: Honda production racer tested in Motegi

Honda have revealed an image of their production racer being tested in Motegi from 23-24th of May. The new model of the RC213V has been designed as a cheaper alternative for those who wish to race in

The production racer being tested at Twin Ring Motegi

Photo: HRC

MotoGP but cannot afford the full expense of a full-factory machine.

It is hoped that Honda’s production racer and Yamaha’s decision to lease M1 engines to teams to put in their own chassis will bridge the gap between the factory prototypes and current “Claiming Rule Teams”. Honda admit that the development of the racer is a little bit behind schedule but it should still be ready by the end of the season and a test rider for Honda gave the machine a full shake down at Motegi last week.

Honda seem impressed with what they found at Motegi, “The test results – comments Shuhei Nakamoto, Executive Vice President of HRC – showed more than what we had expected, in particular, with its running performance. We are very pleased at this stage and we will announce more in the not too distant future.”


One thought on “PIC: Honda production racer tested in Motegi

  1. it would be interesting to see how they compare laptimes to the full prototypes and the crt bikes, if its in the middle then maybe people will be interested


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