Liberty Racing lose Effenbert sponsorship

Team Effenbert Liberty Racing have once again parted company with the World Superbike scene, and if their PR is to be believed, with racing in general. After a string of poor results since their return to the WSB paddock at Aragon it seems the race winning teams sponsors Effenbert, have withdrawn funding from the team.

The team’s press release read “the main goal of our team is the use of racing according to the parameters necessary for the promotion of the brand of our main sponsor and our other partners, we have found, on our opinion, some difficulties during these races in pursuing this targets.

Anyway, we believe that the continuation of the adventure of the team in the WSBK 2013 is not of our further interest , as the sponsors and partners have decided to direct the promotional investment in other channels at this time achieve the value economic effort / visibility more appropriate to the volume of investments.”

Reading between the lines it looks as thought Effenbert has moved it’s sponsorship elsewhere from the ailing team leaving them unable to continue racing, which also backs up the tweet from rider Mark Aitchison yesterday in which he said “Big emotions today…so happy for someone yet pissed for my own situation…no doubt you’ll hear about it soon enough #racingneverclear” which would suggest another team may well benefit from the beer giants money.

After debuting for the beverage-backed team at Aragon, Aussie Mark Aitchison disappointingly once again finds himself without a ride for the second time this season after his Splitlath Aprilia BSB team withdrew from the 2013 championship in early March after team boss John Dimbylow was taken ill.


One thought on “Liberty Racing lose Effenbert sponsorship

  1. I have to say I'm kind of glad about this, and saw it coming. Liberty racing are a joke, as proved last year. Effenbert seem to be an enthusiastic sponsor and hopefully they stay involved in the sport with one of the many well run teams struggling for sponsorship.


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