Aprilia take Guintoli & Sykes row to next level

Aprilia Factory Racing Team have lodged an official complaint to the FIM’s International Disciplinary Court about the incident between their rider, Sylvain Guintoli and Kawasaki Racing’s Tom Sykes.

There was some parc ferme confusion too…

Photo: WSBK

The incident occurred on the last lap of the second race last weekend at Monza, where Tom Sykes over-ran the chicane at Della Roggia and returned to the field in the same position he left in, third – ahead of Aprilia’s Guintoli. However, the Frenchman argues that Sykes significantly slowed him upon returning to the circuit causing him to miss out on the chance of a podium, if not a race win. After some initial confusion in Parc Fermé, the initial result was Sykes in third place – however a complaint lodged by Guintoli to Race Direction saw the positions swapped. That wasn’t the end though, Kawasaki appealed to the FIM panel of stewards who reversed the decision and re-instated Sykes in third place.

The next level of complaint is to the FIM’s International Disciplinary Court, to which Aprilia had to submit their case within 5 days. According to Guintoli on Twitter, they did so today. The Frenchman tweeted: “Monza Playstation overtaking move update, an appeal was registered today at the FIM HQ. Results in a few weeks..”

The IDC will now fully analyse all available data and footage and make a final decision. As Guintoli says, the decision is expected in a few weeks.


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