Rea feels ‘at home’ on FTR Moto2 bike at Le Mans

Rea finished on the podium in Sepang last year

Photo: Gino Rea

Gino Rea will be getting his 2013 campaign underway this weekend in Le Mans, where he will be debuting his very own Gino Rea Race Team (GRR8T) FTR, in Moto2. Rea was due to make his first appearance in the World Championship this season back in Jerez, but due to the number of Spanish wildcards at the round, he was unable to compete. 

With the help of his father, Rea has managed to set up his own team after being left without a ride at the beginning of the season. The FTR chassis comes with full support from the British company. This is the first of 10 planned wildcards this season for Rea, out of the 17 rounds in the Moto2 World Championship. Each wildcard that he competes in costs around £20,000. The Brit is still looking for funding and sponsors to help him race throughout the season, offering a range of sponsorship packages including per round coverage on his bike, paddock passes and hospitality packages.
Prior to being wiped out in the drenched French Grand Prix of 2012, Rea was able to run in 3rd position in the race. He will be looking for a decent result whatever the weather, come Sunday. 

“I really can’t wait to get back out on track at a MotoGP event. Up until last week I hadn’t rode since November so I thought I’d be very rusty but surprisingly I felt at home straight away on the FTR Moto2 bike. We went through a lot a changes on the bike in a short amount of time to try and learn what works and what doesn’t. We only had one and a half days on track so we really could do with another 3 day test. The Moto2 guys have been testing and racing all year so they are all going to be on top of their game. We just have to go to Le Mans and try to do the best possible job we can. My team have done a fantastic job with the preparation of the whole set up, from designing the bike, stickers, logos, making a race vehicle, organising the bike, etc, etc, the list could go on and on and I’m sure any team owners reading this understand! I feel each person needs a special mention for making this Moto2 wildcard happen- firstly, my Dad David, Mark Taylor and all at FTR, Dave Crawford, Kevin Horne, MotoBreaks, the Dunphys, Through The Wall Paint, Jap4Performance and everyone who has contributed through my website.” 

Rea testing in Le Mans, last week.

Photo: Gino Rea


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