Poncharal responds to Espargaró and Tech3 rumours

In light of recent speculation regarding next year’s Monster Tech3 Yamaha line-up, motogp.com asked team boss, Herve Poncharal about Cal Crutchlow’s current situation with the team. Rumours have been flying

Poncharal is unsure who will be in
his team next year…

Photo: Tech 3 Racing

about that Moto2 title contender, Pol Espargaró has been agreeing terms with Yamaha for a factory supported ride next year at Tech3. Espargaró was runner up in last year’s Moto2 World Championship,
behind Marquez; he is also a championship favourite this season. Some believe Espargaró is ‘the one’ to take the fight to Marquez in the future, that he is possibly the next ‘Alien’.

Honda have Marquez, so naturally, fingers point at Yamaha aiming for the younger of the Espargaró brothers. Rossi, Lorenzo and Britain’s Bradley Smith all have 2 year contracts with the Japanese manufacturer, so should Espargaro be brought on board it’s likely at the expense of Cal Crutchlow, as he is on a one year contract. In a recent interview with Autosport.com, Crutchlow commented on the hype surrounding Espargaró and his links with the Brits’ current ride: “Would he (Espargaro) beat me? No.”

“Seems to everybody (a barmy decision)….they think he’s going to be the same as Marquez and he isn’t, Marquez is a one-off … Everybody thinks the next guy up is going to be as good as Marquez, but Marquez is like Valentino was 15 years ago; he is unbelievable. Pol is not going to beat Marquez.”

Crutchlow seemed sure from the interview that an agreement between Espargaró and Yamaha is imminent. Whilst Herve Poncharal told MotoGP.com that although he is sure that Yamaha and Espargaró have been in discussions, he has not discussed anything with the Spaniard.

‘Read more’ to see what else Poncharal had to say…

Poncharal went on to comment: He is one of the most talented young riders in Moto2. Marc Marquez, Andrea Iannone and Bradley Smith have already made the jump to MotoGP and so that would also be a logical step for him next year. The road to Honda is closed because they have four riders under contract until the end of 2014: two at Repsol Honda, one at Gresini and one at LCR. If Espargaro does want to compete in MotoGP next year, he will obviously have to do it with another marque and so it is obvious that he is in talks with Yamaha. I do not know the depth of those conversations; whether something has been agreed, is almost agreed or whether there is still a lot to sort out. What I do know is that Yamaha has four bikes and, when Cal Crutchlow is the only rider who is contracted only for this year, some think Espargaro could take his place. The current situation is that we are in May, that I have a contract with Cal for 2013 and that Yamaha has opened up some negotiations – nothing more than that. I love Cal and will be keeping him informed of what I know, simply to allow him as much time as possible to remain attractive on the rider market – whether that will be to stay at Yamaha or to go somewhere else.”

Official news regarding Tech3’s future with Crutchlow and Espargaró probably won’t come to light for a few months yet. If Espargaró does bag the Tech3 ride, there will be other options for Crutchlow in MotoGP. The Brit also expressed in the Autosport interview that he will be once again looking for a factory ride next year. Rumours that Suzuki are returning in 2014 are gathering more pace by the week and there is also another possibility with Ducati, as Hayden’s contract runs out at the end of this year. 

Full interviews with both Crutchlow and Poncharal can be accessed via the links.


One thought on “Poncharal responds to Espargaró and Tech3 rumours

  1. Well Mr Yamaha if your going to kick Cal in the nuts at the end of the year you may as well pull your finger out for the rest of this one and give him a full works bike with ALL of this years upgrades at the same time as Vale & Jorge…At least then we'll see who the slow man is and not the slow bike….2014? IF Pol gets the ride (On the same bike?)he'll be lucky to be in front of Stefan & Alvaro, not 10secs or more up the road on the aliens arses..Dumb, real dumb….


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