Barbera releases statement following assault charges

Barbera now hopes to focus on his racing

Photo: Avintia Blusens

Avintia Blusens rider Hector Barbera has released a statement following his conviction of assault last week (10th May).

The Spanish CRT rider was charged with assault shortly after the Jerez Grand Prix and he and his girlfriend were sentenced to six and five months in prison respectively. It is now understood that this has been reduced to community service for the pair, and Barbera’s participation in the French Grand Prix of Le Mans is not yet known.
Barbera left this statement on his facebook page yesterday following days of speculation and rumour: “About the information that has been published in different press media; I want to clarify with this communication how the facts occurred in the night of the 9th of May. I obviously do not feel proud at all of what happened, and I want to express my apologies to all people, especially to my family, my friends and sport team members. In this procedure, I must assume my duties and responsibilities, but I feel myself (as also stated the Court) as an attacked and affected part. After the opportune denouncements, we strictly follow the protocol marked by the law for that kind of facts. Once in the Court, both parts declared and were visited by the medical examiner, who certified the injuries I had. In any case and been respectful I renounce to provide more details about this. Lately both parts accepted the Jerez Court resolution. Me and my previous couple have accepted immediately this Court resolution as an attempt to conclude not only with this legal procedure but also with the unfair social and media treatment I have suffered undeservedly with opinions and statements which are far away from reality, all based in rumours not verified. In my family we are three kids, two girls and one boy, we grown together, learning the values of respect, fairness and love, I would never think on hurting or damaging any person, no matter woman or men. I am firmly against any type of mistreatment or abuse to anyone. To me this matter is now definitely closed forever and just want to dedicate all my efforts to my sport career as I have been doing till now. I refer to my Press and legal advisors if required.” 

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