Barbera and girlfriend convicted of assault

Barbera’s attendance in Le Mans is in question…

Avintia Blusens rider Hector Barbera has been convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, following last weekend’s Spanish GP in Jerez. His girlfriend was apparently hospitalised after the incident between the couple. Barbera has reportedly been given a six month prison sentence, following a very swift charging process by police; while his girlfriend has been given a five month prison sentence, according to Spanish and Italian media.

With the way the Spanish legal system works, allegedly prison sentences are not usually carried out if they are for under two years, and also, if the offender has no previous convictions. Therefore, it would be looking more likely that Barbera will be given a community service sentence and perhaps a fine. However, the Spaniard was also arrested at the end of last year, on suspicion of driving under the influence. This may complicate things somewhat… bringing his attendance at the French GP next week into question.

Barbera released a statement on his Facebook page regarding the matter: “Related to the incidents happened today, just clarify that is has just been a simple couple discussion already solved by the Jerez Court and that both parts has accepted. We apologise the way the incidents had occurred, even if the Jerez Courts has solved equally for both parts.”

Time will tell whether this will have an impact on Barbera’s personal sponsorship and position as a MotoGP rider. But indications from a comment on by the Avintia team owner, Raul Romero, suggest that Barbera will not be cut loose from the team as a result of the incident.

(Source: Asphalt&Rubber, and CJI)


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