BTSport confirms MotoGP TV deal for 2014

Crutchlow was present at the BTSport launch today

Photo: Tech3
BT has confirmed that they will be providing the exclusive coverage for MotoGP from 2014, on a 5 year deal.

After rumours gathered pace last week, spoke with employees of BT to see if anything had been confirmed, the impression PaddockChatter received was that a deal was well on the way to be done. 

BT will be showing all free practices, qualifying sessions and races of all three classes of Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP, and as rumoured previously, the BTSport coverage will include interactive options for viewers including watching races from onboard cameras. The program will be provide coverage live from the circuit, as well as from the BTSport facilities at the Olympic Park in East London. Cal Crutchlow has also added on twitter that there will be pre-race, and post-race shows, similar to what SkyF1 viewers currently experience.

BTSport will be available free of charge to BT Broadband customers through BT YouView and Sky DigiBox, however for non-BT customers to obtain the 3 sport channels it will cost £12 a month, and will be able to receive it through their TV aerial as well as the above mentioned platforms.

The Managing Director of Dorna, Manel Arroyo had this to say about the deal: “We’re proud that MotoGP will be part of such a huge and exciting project as BT Sport. I’m sure that BT Sport will provide the in-depth coverage that MotoGP deserves and in turn MotoGP will provide the sporting drama and excitement to help launch BT Sport as a major player in the TV market. Our new partnership comes at the perfect time, with British riders flourishing in the Championship, and we look forward to our British fans being able to follow every single minute of the action.”

At the launch itself, CEO of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta added: Audience size is not the main factor any more. What matters is more quality for existing fans”… a very interesting statement.

However, BT have also said that they have not yet made a decision about whether they are planning to share the coverage, adding ‘we might even do some free to air’. So the term ‘exclusive’ was perhaps being used loosely. We will see…

The presenting team for MotoGP coverage is yet to be announced, but BT have said that having an ex-racer on the commentary team is essential; Parrish or Huewen, anyone? More when we get it…

(Source: and Guy Procter )


11 thoughts on “BTSport confirms MotoGP TV deal for 2014

  1. Looks like I'll not be watching MotoGP next year. Not going to be bullied into taking BT Broadband. I'll stick with BSB & WSB on Eurosport. Racing's better anyway.


  2. disgraceful that dorna has done this. why should i pay another £12 per month to watch motogp (which i love). this shows that motogp & dorna are no different from all the other sports, money grabbing morons who don't care about true motorcycle fans. eurosport, keep up the good work with WSB and BSB.


  3. A very bad move for motogp. I can't get BT broadband as long way from exchange – we've got 100MBps cable broadband – not changing that for 0.5MBps and paying more just to watch motogp. Also how do you record it to watch at later time? Idiot decision.


  4. You don't have to take BT broadband, that just allows you to pay no further subscription to watch BT sport. Pay £12 or £15 (HD) per month, keep your own broadband as it is now and get it on Sky. BBC license fees are frozen these days, subscription TV is the only way we are going to get these (live and uncut anyway). Itv4 cover of BSB is poor, you get what you pay for, but free to air is not going to put tight budgets into minority sport.


  5. You have to pay for Eurosport already. So this is just next step up. You can record on sky as the above poster says accessing it as normal through sky!


  6. I've just escaped the clutches of compulsory BT line rental regardless of Internet/Telephone supplier. I won't be returning any time soon so it's goodbye MotoGP which I've watched forever on Eurosport and Screensport before that. For those with BT broadband expecting free subscription, don't expect that to last beyond an introductory period. MotoGP used to be a multi-national sport, now it's been reduced to a Spanish championship with token Italian representation. MotoGP in the UK is now dead.


  7. As an avid fan for years of the motogp, watching both on tv and visiting race tracks, I feel that changing to a sports channel that we have to pay to view is doing no justice to the sport, I have such memories of when my all time hero rossi won his titles and excitment when the races are edge of your seat stuff, I even found myself finding a bar on holiday to sit and while away the afternoon watching the races as I love this sport so much, I havent got the facilities or money to pay for this service now so it looks like I am destined to miss all the great moments in history my television licence should be paying for, a real crying shame, goodbye motogp!!!!!


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