WSBK: Crafar helps to strengthen Fixi Crescent Suzuki team

Crafar (right) will be present at all Euro rounds

Photo: Fixi Crescent Suzuki

Former 500GP and World Superbike winner Simon Crafar joined the Fixi Cresent Suzuki last weekend for the second round of the World Superbike championship at Motorland Aragon. 

Crafar was in the garage with Leon Camier and Jules Cluzel to help with their riding performances, and he used his extensive riding experience after over a decade of competing in top-class racing. 
Unfortunately, the weekend didn’t end in the best way for the team. British rider Leon Camier had a big crash in QP1, which ruled him out of Sunday’s races. Cluzel finished the weekend with two top ten finishes, but knows there are improvements to be made.  
Crafar’s in-depth knowledge will be there to evaluate their performances to help the riders improve their lap times over a race weekend.
Simon will be present in the Suzuki garage for the rest of the European WSBK rounds, to give the team as much of an insight as he can. “Coming into the weekend I didn’t really know what to expect. I was happy to be going to work with my Andorran neighbour and buddy Leon, and his Chief Technician Frankie, who had welcomed my occasional input in 2012 but I was a little nervous about how new French rider Jules Cluzel and his Chief Technician Les would accept me into their huddle of very private discussions – as I didn’t know them. Both Jules and Les turned out to be very nice guys, very talented at what they do and completely open to my help, welcoming me into their post session debriefs. The whole team has a great atmosphere but is also very professional, just like you would expect from Paul and the guys. I am very proud to be working with them. I’m not trying to coach these riders, because they are way past that. I am just an extra set of eyes around the circuit. I try to pick up on areas where I think I can help them improve. A rider can sometimes get stuck to a particular line and I can see them from a different angle. I assess their positioning on the track in relation to other guys out there but sometimes it’s as simple as changing the priority of the corners to gain a couple of tenth’s. After watching closely I believe very strongly in the ability of both Leon and Jules, so I am looking forward to helping them and the team achieve the great results I am very sure they are capable of.”

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