Brookes "could have been aggressive" in Ellison battle


Tyco Suzuki rider Josh Brookes came away from round two of the British Superbike championship lying third overall, twenty five points behind the leader, Shane Byrne. After a considerable amount of success at the Hampshire circuit in the past, Brookes was looking to come away with another tick on the ‘wins’ tally but unfortunately it was not to be.

The Aussie missed out on a win in race one after taking the lead on the last lap for Byrne to regain it at the final chicane. In race 2 after an intense battle with Milwaukee Yamaha’s James Ellison, a double appearance from the safety car and an early stoppage in race two meant that he managed a fourth place position, which he was clearly frustrated by.

Thruxton has been a circuit that I’ve been able to perform well at. It’s not got any of these tight, stop-go, accelerate from zero-type, chicane-type corners that I hate so much… which most of the British tracks have. I still felt it [the power deficit of the Suzuki] in the straights, but what do you do? You can’t complain forever, you just got to get on with it.” Brookes told PaddockChatter on Sunday evening. 
“We went with the harder of the tyres, for both races. If the weather had been perfect and both races full distance, and there was no safety cars, it might have played into our favour a lot more. The harder tyre definitely doesn’t have the lap time and the performance of the softer, so I was struggling to show the speed at the beginning of the race; but at the end when I was hoping it would show and I could go forward, race one had misty rain right the way through it, so the tyre was slipping a lot, then it cooled down because we had the pace car, and it took a lap or two to heat up again. Then the second got cancelled after 13 laps, so I never got to see the performance at the end.” 
“[The battle with James Ellison in race 2] was quite frustrating, because I could have just been really aggressive. I had the inside position, so I could have held the line but I was actually considerate; it’s only early in the year, if I did have a collision with him, I could have also come down, so it’s better to just stay on the bike, there’s more laps to come… It was only half distance; I’d hate to fall off and think that I had ten more laps to find a better position to overtake, so I let him play and try and ride around the outside. Unfortunately for me, the race was called short and he was in front of me – so he did the better race. I have to accept that today and I want to better it next time out.

I was quite frustrated at the end of the race but with a bit of time to relax and calm down, I’m starting to take it all in and say ‘the hell with it’, we’ll get it on the next one.

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