BSB: Smrz struggling to get to grips with Honda

Jakub Smrz has said that he is struggling to get to grips with the 4 cylinder Honda he is riding in the British

Smrz says he’s struggling to adapt to the inline 4

Superbike championship after 6 years of riding twin cylinder motorcycles. Smrz hasn’t had the best of starts to his season finishing 13th and 18th at Brands Hatch and then 10th and 12th at Thruxton, which is not ideal given that the former World Superbike rider is riding on a round-by-round basis with Padgett’s Honda as they look for funding for the whole season.

Smrz had originally signed to ride for the Derek Redmond back squad Splitlath-Remond Aprilia, however when the team pulled out  before the start of testing Smrz found himself in a last minute search for a ride.

The two time WSB podium winner joined BSB midway through 2012 after the Effenbert Liberty world superbike squad fell apart. After faring well in pre-season testing, many expected Smrz to be further up the field come the first two rounds. However, the Czech rider is confident that improvements are being made, but cites lack of track time as a major issue.

Speaking to PaddockChatter at Thruxton, Smrz said: “The weekend was much better than the last one. Unluckily we couldn’t have enough track time to set up the bike, but we improved a little bit, scored a few points, and now we have a few issues to issues to solve for next time.”

Padgetts are yet to confirm whether Smrz or indeed the team will complete the season, upon being asked whether he is still riding on a “round by round” basis, Smrz commented:  “For the moment, yes. Then we’ll see, but I’m just trying to get more to grips with the 4 cylinder, which isn’t easy after 6 years on a twin. But it’s getting better.”


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