BSB: Byrne a "happy man" after becoming most successful BSB rider

Shane Byrne has expressed his joy at becoming the most successful BSB rider ever, as a double win at Thruxton today in the second round of the British Superbike championship saw him surpass Ryiuchi

Byrne celebrates becoming the most successful BSB rider

Photo: British Superbikes

Kiyonari’s previous record of 43.

It wasn’t easy for triple champion Byrne, Josh Brookes gave him a real run for his money in the last few laps of the first race, pushing him right until the last corner. In the second race, which saw two interventions by the Nissan GTR safety car after incidents involving Ryuichi Kiyonari and Lee Costello respectively. Alex Lowes was putting a lot of pressure on Byrne as red flags came out to end the race due to an incident between Tommy Bridewell and Karl Harris.

“[In the first race] I had a bit of problem with the brake and the bike started to vibrate and I was a bit nervous and getting out of shape, but I got Josh back at the chicane and I then thought there is no way you are going to come past me again!”

“Winning that second race was very important to me as I wanted to become the most successful rider in the championship but there was nothing easy about it,” said Byrne. “Alex Lowes was pushing me all of the way, but even though the race was red-flagged early I have done the double and that makes me a happy man.”

The man Byrne overtook as the most successful BSB rider ever, Ryuichi Kiyonari had an awful weekend, finishing 17th in Race 1 and crashing out of Race 2, so could do with a huge turn of fortune if he’s reclaim that top spot from Byrne. 


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