Sykes ‘much happier’ with wrist heading into Aragón, this weekend

Sykes’ wrist feels “about 80%” after last weeks’ test

Photo: KRT

After suffering a cracked left wrist and three broken ribs from testing in Australia, back in February, Britain’s Tom Sykes is positive going into the second round of the world championship, having tested at the circuit last week to find his wrist and ribs coping well while riding.

Despite the injuries, Sykes was still blisteringly fast in Phillip Island, his performance wasn’t hindered too much in general what with the Huddersfield rider achieving 2x fifth place in round one. Sykes had said last week that the new elongated gap between rounds one and two of the championship, has significantly helped his recovery. 
Likewise, in the recent test at Aragón in just the past week, Sykes topped the leaderboard after the three days, and said that his wrist was “about 80%”. Sykes currently lies 4th in the World Superbike Championship and will be looking to significantly improve at the Spanish circuit, which he has endured limited luck at, over the past 2 years. “Testing at Aragon last week was very important and now we have to look at our tyre options for the race weekend because we did not get the chance to do long runs right at the end. It was good to get out and ride at Motorland and the only thing I was not sure of before then was my physical condition. I am much happier now as I have woken up my arm muscles and my wrist feels better for being used properly at the tests. I am looking forward to race weekend now because what we tried at the tests has brought us some positives.”


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