Redding: "I wasn’t expecting to lead here"

Marc VDS rider Scott Redding was somewhat elated after such a positive start to his 2013 Moto2 campaign. The Brit qualified half a tenth behind his team mate, Mika Kallio in 4th ahead of Sunday’s race under the lights of the circuit in Doha.

Redding led Espagaro for a good part of the race

Photo: MarcVDS 

Despite some issues with the clutch at the beginning of the race, it quickly became clear that the win was going to be between Redding, Espargaró and Nakagami. The Japanese rider, Nakagami soon faded leaving a twelve second gap between himself and the duo of Espargaró & Redding ahead of him, come the end of the race.

For the remaining laps, a fierce battle ensued between Redding and Espargaró – close passing and swapping paint all the way to the line. Redding was pipped to the win by just 8 tenths of a second. “I’m happy to get the season started with a podium here in Qatar. I lost the clutch on the sighting lap, which is a problem we had in practice and qualifying. The guys managed to fix it on the grid, but it wasn’t right for the first few laps and the bike was really aggressive on corner entry. In the end I just feathered the clutch going into the turns until it sorted itself out. I wasn’t expecting to lead here, so I didn’t really have a plan once I got to the front, other than to keep a good rhythm and maintain my pace. It was a good battle with Pol; I thought I had him on the last lap, but he’s a tough rider and I couldn’t quite make it through. Next time I know to try that little bit harder to push him into a mistake. Thanks to the team for their hard work, and thanks also to Marc van der Straten for his support.” 

Our first feature blog discussed the newly introduced combined minimum weight limit for Moto2, ideally designed to level the playing field for the heavier riders, such as Redding. Clearly, from Sunday’s result, despite Qatar perhaps being a more ideal circuit for lighter riders, Redding was able to stay up the top end and fight for the win. Thus, the weight limit has indeed ‘worked’. 


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