A PaddockChatter Guide to British Superbikes

The skies may well be blue, but it’ll be ‘fresh’…

The off-season is finally coming to an end. The 2013 British Superbike Championship gets underway on the 5th April at Brands Hatch. This guide will show you who will be riding where and on what for the coming season; and what to look out for when identifying riders on track.

If you’re not heading to the event in Kent, the main races will be on TV live as usual – Eurosport 2(HD), 11:30 – 16:45 (GMT).

Information on this years calendar can be found here.

‘Read more’ for all the teams and riders featured in this years championship…
Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki

Shane Byrne (GBR) #67 
Keith Farmer (GBR) #303
Bike: Kawasaki ZX10R

The PBM livery looks practically identical to last years, with the completely non-traditional Kawasaki – white and red theme, not forgetting the dash of green for the ‘p’ in ‘Rapid’. Differentiating Byrne and Farmer is more easily done through their helmets, Shakey will have his usual Shoei with its twin white stripe down the centre, whilst Farmer is using a red and fluorescent yellow Shoei.

Tyco Suzuki

Photo: Tyco Suzuki

Josh Brookes (AUS) #2
PJ Jacobsen (USA) #99
Bike: Suzuki GSXR1000

A little different to last year’s livery, there is noticeably more white this time around, also “TYCO” is white, rather than blue. Most significant difference from the rest of the field is the red number for both Josh and PJ. Brookes will be running his traditional Aussie themed red, white ‘n’ blue Arai. PJ’s Shoei is pale blue and a silvery white theme, with what looks like a camera lens in the middle. PJ is also a fair bit smaller than Josh…

Milwaukee Yamaha

Photo: Milwaukee Yamaha

James Ellison (GBR) #77
Josh Waters (AUS) #21
Bike: Yamaha R1

Possibly the best livery on the grid, think Alstare Ducati, but on a R1, with “Milwaukee” on the side instead of an energy company. White with red stripes, and a Monster Energy logo on the side of the bike, unique to the Milwaukee squad. James can be spotted by the black Shoei with a blue/white ‘flame’ on top, with the monster logo on the side. Josh has a largely black, red and white themed Arai.

Samsung Honda

Photo: Glen Coombs

Alex Lowes (GBR) #22
Ryuichi Kiyonari (JPN) #23
Bike: Honda CBR1000RR

Similarly to PBM, the Samsung Honda livery is basically no different to last year, apart from the numbers and riders on it. The font of both Lowes and Kiyo’s numbers’ is identical, but luckily their helmets couldn’t be more different – Lowes with a pink and black theme, and Kiyo with his traditional dragon Shoei, but a light/electric blue theme.

Quattro Plant Kawasaki 

Photo: Quattro Plant Kawasaki

Chris Walker (GBR) #9
Danny Buchan (GBR) #83
Bike: Kawasaki ZX10R

As Kawasaki’s traditionally are, the Quattro Plant team bikes will be mostly green, with a big of white down the sides, with the unmistakeable red “QUATTRO” in the middle of the white strip. Buchan is significantly taller than Walker, and will be sporting a green and black Shark helmet this season. Chris will be sticking with his usual Arai style as per.

Buildbase BMW

Photo: Glen Coombs

James Westmoreland (GBR) #27
John Kirkham (GBR) #10
Bike: BMW S1000RR

The main BMW squad in BSB this year has adopted a lot more red into this years colour scheme, with a singular white stripe from the tank to the seat unit. Jon Kirkham is very tall, thus has a Ruben Xaus-esq riding style, compared to his more moderately sized team mate, Westmoreland. Look out for Westmoreland’s bright yellow stripe on top of his Shark lid.

PR Racing Kawasaki

Photo: Glen Coombs

Karl Harris (GBR) #68
Bike: Kawasaki ZX10R

Largely white themed with dashes of navy blue and black from the tank towards the seat unit. As for the front, the screen has a black and navy blue border. There is just Karl in the team, this year, so no rider distinguishing is needed.

Lloyds British GBMoto Honda

Photo: GBMoto

Dan Linfoot (GBR) #4
Peter Hickman (GBR) #60
Bike: Honda CBR1000RR

GBMoto could have been described as being purple with white stripes in previous years, though this year they are definitely white with purple stripes/blocks. Hicky being tall has a similar style to Kirkham in hanging off the bike, along with his easily visible electric green Shoei. Linfoot was using his red, yellow and green lid during testing, so you can expect it to be more or less similar to that. Their number fonts are also quite large.

Rapido Sport Racing Ducati

Photo: MotoRapido

Matteo Baiocco (ITA) #15
Bike: Ducati Panigale 1199 RS

As the only Panigale on the BSB grid, if you’re deaf and can’t tell it apart from the others merely from the noise, then simply look out for the metallic green side panels and Ducati red topping on the Winchester based motorcycle.

Bathams Honda

Photo: British Superbikes

Michael Rutter (GBR) #11
Tommy Bridewell (GBR) #46
Bike: Honda CBR1000RR

Bathams Honda provides an all new livery addition to the British championship this season. The gold stripe/Honda wings are easily distinguishable from other bikes on the grid. Bridewell generall uses a very bright and colourful helmet, with his late brother’s #46 on top. Rutter should be continuing with his trademark blade red/white Shoei.

Doodson Motorsport Honda

Photo: Neil Dethridge

Robin Harms (DEN) #127
Bike: Honda CBR1000RR

Doodson will once again be ‘the yellow bike’ on the grid again. Look for Harms’ usual red/white themed helmet (in concordance with his nationality…) amongst the pack. Harms is the only rider for the team this year. Note: the picture shows the testing livery, it’ll be completely yellow come the weekend.

Aaron Zanotti Racing Suzuki

Photo: Glen Coombs

Aaron Zanotti (GBR) #64
Bike: Suzuki GSXR1000

Being largely white, this livery could be confused with the PR Kawasaki. Zanotti’s bike will however have more white on the front, with his easily visible #64, whereas Harris on the PR Kwacker has navy blue/black below the screen. Not to mention the blue being more electric with Zanotti. Apart from the front, it has a slight resemblance to the Fixi Suzuki’s in World Superbikes.

Halsall Racing Kawasaki

Photo: Glen Coombs

Lee Costello (GBR) #39
Bike: Kawasaki ZX10R

Somewhat resembling the Buildbase BMW’s, though just remember Costello will be sporting more white on his bike, a lot more on the front, as well as on the side. This shade of red is slight less dark than the Buildbase bikes, and ofcourse, it’s a Kawasaki rather than a BMW.

Ridersmotorcycles BMW

Photo: British Superbikes

Martin Jessopp (GBR) #40
Bike: BMW S1000RR

A blurry-eyed resemblance to last year’s Supersonic BMW that Bridewell ran, Jessopp’s bike has more white and red dashes, mixed with the black. Look for the white and red dashed seat unit, along with the leafy green #40 on the side of the bike.

Two Wheel Racing Honda

Photo: Neil Dethridge

Jenny Tinmouth (GBR) #20
Bike: Honda CBR1000RR

Tinmouth can usually be distinguished from the rest of the field by the ponytail poking out the back of her blue and white striped Shoei. Her helmet is coordinated with the traditional livery of the TWR squad, of white and blue. Jenny also usually has a rather large font for her #20.  

MH Kawasaki

Howie Mainwaring (GBR) #43
Luke Quigley (GBR) #51
Bike: Kawasaki ZX10R

MH Kawasaki have not yet confirmed their livery for the 2013 season, all will be revealed at the weekend. PaddockChatter expects there to be more green in this team, making it the only other Kawasaki squad going with a more green in their colour scheme, as well as Quattro Plant. Photos will be added as soon as we get them. Meanwhile, look out for Mainwaring and black and electric yellow Shark helmet.

Padgetts Honda

Photo: Neil Dethridge

Jakub Smrz (CZR) #96
Bike: Honda CBR1000RR

Only just making the Brands Hatch grid, due to financial/sponsorship constraints. Kuba Smrz is easily identified with his swirly pink, white and light blue helmet. You can expect the World Superbike race winner to be well up the sharp end throughout the weekend. We expect that Padgetts will once again run their traditional white and fluorescent orange bike. Kuba’s #96 is always very readable, too.


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