Viñales fit to race in Qatar

Photo: Team Calvo/Laglisse

Moto3 World Championship favourite Maverick Viñales tweeted today stating that he has been given the go-ahead by his doctors to race in the Qatar Grand Prix, just 9 days away from today.

The Team Calvo rider crashed on the third day of the official IRTA Jerez test, last week. He put in the fastest time of the day before the incident. In the process of the crash, which occurred on the fastest corner on the circuit, his right hand became caught under the handle causing traumas to his third finger. In the aftermath of the crash, Viñales said: “On one hand I’m happy because we did a great pace and we have worked hard and well. Every day I feel more comfortable on the bike and the connection is very good. But it was a shame next was the fall. Now it’s time to be calm and recover for Qatar”.

Following surgery on the hand, Viñales has been strapped up, given a pat on the pack and told he can compete in Qatar. The KTM rider tweeted a photo of said hand, with the caption “Estaré en Qatar! I’m going to be in Qatar! Dr. Mir has given us the ok 🙂 gracias! thank you! Gas!”

Source: Maverick Viñales


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