Datatag extends BSB sponsorship deal

The green and white skull/crossbones will remain

Photo: British Superbikes

The partnership between the British Superbike Championship and Datatag – the leading motorcycle security marking company, has been extended. The new deal has come as a means of continuing the publicity for the issue of vehicle theft through the high profile British racing series.

The partnership is also designed to increase security protection for the teams in the series, using the MASTER Security Scheme, which is supported by the Home Office, along with the police.

This year’s deal means that Datatag and their “EXTREME ID” will be the title of the BSB qualifying sessions, forming ‘The Datatag Extreme Qualifying”. The qualifying format remains with an initial Q1 for twenty minutes, where all riders compete, then a twelve minute Q2 session with eighteen riders, followed by a final ten rider shootout for eight minutes in Q3.

British Superbike Championship Series Director, Stuart Higgs said: “I’m delighted that we have extended our partnership with Datatag, and in particular being able to utilise Datatag’s technologies to improve our regulations enforcement and especially offer a level of security protection to the teams that we have never had before. We believe it adds value and will provide our riders and teams some peace of mind.”

Followers of Datatag on Twitter are eligible to win VIP race day passes, allowing a unique experience including grid walks, gifts, pillion rides etc. Enter through following @DatatagID and tweeting “Protect my @DatatagID”.


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