Estment gets to grips in Spain

Recently we featured Appleyard/Macadam British Supersport rider Bjorn Estment and his thoughts on the off-season back at home, well the likeable South African has returned to the UK ahead of the 2013 season and immediately headed off to warmer climbs again to the BSB Pro test at Cartegena, Spain. After a solid few days of riding and getting to know his new team, he sent us his latest blog.

Estment and his Appleyard/Macadam R6 at Cartegena

Photo: Bjorn Estment 

So the time has come for me to get on a plane out of London and depart to Stansted airport heading to the sunny shores of the Spanish south coast, namely Alicante airport and then onwards to Circuito Cartagena. For many years the BSB Pro test as it is known has taken place here with many a team coming in to do there shake down testing, getting back on the bike and getting the mind and body back up to speed with what it takes to ride/race a motorcycle.
This however would be a first for me in two instances as it would be the first time I got to attack the fast and flowing Spanish circuit as well as and more excitingly, get to strut my stuff on the simply superb Appleyard/Macadam Supersport Spec machine. For those who have ever chatted to me, you will know that right from the very beginning, Supersport has always had my heart. The reality is it was everything I dreamed and thought it would be, with exceptional straight line speed and power that demands respect firing it out of turns. At this point I would like to say thank you to Pirelli for providing us with such great tyres to do the job on!
Well the actual test was a great opportunity for me to get acquainted with my new team and machine, which did not take long, as the boys and girls welcomed me with open arms and I was made to feel at home instantly, making it that much easier to relax and get down to business. I approached the first session nice and easily just getting back in to the swing of things and going through the motions of how to circulate the track at a reasonable pace. There was much to learn as the bike is lighter, faster and is allowed better tyres as mentioned above. However, as the first day progressed I felt more and more comfortable and began to really enjoy the mileage I was racking up!
Day two would prove to be a lot more exciting as immediately from the offset everything felt right and I began to greatly gel with the Appleyard/Macadam by Doodson rocket and more importantly the team of guys around me, ensuring I get the maximum out of every available opportunity. I began to crack on with a much better and respectable pace, learning at every curve…literally! By the end of the day I was feeling great and even beginning to get some exciting slides and moments on board the bike. In the second last session after being caught out by a bump in the middle of a turn I had a low speed slip with the front proceeding to wash away on me. This was unfortunate but is part of the learning curve. The team put in a magnificent effort to ensure the bike was out in the final session of the day and I did my job in improving my time and putting in consistent personal bests lap after lap. My mechanic Del reiterated the point that we were now even, as he felt I had repaid him in full for my slip up. Good times!
The 3rd and final day of testing was another great success with again constant improvements and Personal Bests coming in every session. This is down to the great guidance and effort put in by Robin, Will and the entire team to ensure a professional standard at all times whilst having a good healthy amount of fun! I feel I am thriving in this environment and can’t wait for the next bunch of Official BSB tests to follow at Brands Hatch and Snetterton respectively.
A huge thanks to Sponsors Colin Appleyard , Doug Macadam , NFB Financial Services Group, Doodson, Leatt Brace, RST Moto-Direct, Ive and Debs Racing and Pulse Engineering
Till then thanks for reading and catch up soon!!!
“Hell Yeah”
Bjorn Estment #27

We’ll be keeping up to date with Bjorn, as can you on twitter by following him @bjornestment27, his team mate Deane Brown and the Appleyard/Macadam team as the British Supersport season progresses. Round one gets underway at Brands Hatch on 5/6/7 April.

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