Splitlath Redmond "temporarily" out of BSB for 2013

Aitchison on the Splitlath Aprilia at Brands in 2012.

Splitlath Redmond Aprilia have announced their “temporary retirement” from the British Superbike series drawing a halt to their 2013 campaign in which they were due to run former World Superbike racers Jakub Smrz and Mark Aitchison.

The decision has been taken due to the ill-health of team founder and co-owner John Dimbylow. Splitlath Aprilia first joined the BSB championship in 2010, where they campaigned South African Hudson Kennaugh to second place in the EVO championship. The team stepped up their game in 2012 as olympian Derek Redmond joined the team as Co-Owner. The team started to look like they could be on for decent results towards the end of the season with Smrz and Aitchison, leading to the team re-signing the pair for 2013.

The team are keen however to indicate that this will  not be the last of Splitlath Redmond, “It is with great regret that Splitlath Redmond is announcing its temporary retirement from BSB. This is due to the ill health of John Dimbylow and both John and I would like to stress that this is a temporary measure.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere apologies to all of our loyal fans and supporters as well as our suppliers and most of all Piaggio UK, which has contributed greatly to the team’s efforts for this and over previous seasons.
This is by no means the end of Splitlath Redmond, it is simply an unavoidable and necessary action which the team is being forced to take at this time and we look forward to returning to competitive racing very soon.” said Redmond. 
This leaves Jakub Smrz and Mark Aitchison without a ride for the 2013 season, just under a week before official testing starts at Donington. 

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