WSS: Lowes sets the pace in first qualifying of 2013

Lowes is over a second faster than 3 time champ Sofuoglu

Photo: WorldSBK

Sam Lowes has drawn first blood in the World Supersport Championship by laying the fastest supersport time ever around Phillip Island in the first qualifying, a lap set during a race run according to Lowes. The 22 year old Brit set a time over a second faster than 3 time World Supersport Champion Kenan Sofuoglu.

Robbie Rolfo took third on the new MV Augusta F3 (yep…) with dutch Michael van der Mark in fourth. It was a good session for the Brits as Jack Kennedy put it in 5th whilst Kev Coghlan on the DMC-Lorenzini Kawasaki and Christian Iddon on the second MV Augusta rounded out the top ten.

Rain had threatened within the session however fortunately held off. The supersport riders will get a second chance to better their time tomorrow, however with Sam Lowes on this kind of form, the others may be very scared.

Times below.

1. Sam Lowes Yamaha 1’32.545
2. Kenan Sofuoglu Kawasaki 1’33.664
3. Roberto Rolfo MV Augusta 1’34.081
4. Michael Vd Mark Honda 1’34.106
5. Jack Kennedy Honda 1’34.143
6. Andrea Antonelli Kawasaki 1’34.359
7. Lorenzo Zanetti Honda 1’34.465
8. Massimo Roccoli Yamaha 1’34.466
9. Kev Coghlan Kawasaki  1’34.484
10. Christian Iddon MV Augusta 1’34.551
11. Vladimir Ivanov Kawasaki  1’34.580
12. Fabien Foret Kawasaki 1’34.676
13. Balazs Nemeth Honda 1’34.677
14. Raffaele De Rosa Honda 1’34.778
15. Kevin Curtain Yamaha 1’34.789
16. Fabio Menghi Yamaha 1’34.852
17. Alex Baldolini Honda 1’34.874
18. Josh Hook Honda 1’34.944
19. David Linortner Honda 1’35.091
20. Mathew Scholtz Suzuki 1’35.102
21. Roberto Tamburini Suzuki 1’35.138
22. Luca Marconi Honda 1’35.330
23. Dino Lombardi Honda 1’35.333
24. Imre Toth Honda 1’35.337
25. Matt Davies Honda 1’35.380
26. Luca Salvadori Yamaha 1’35.566
27. Mitchell Carr Triumph 1’36.285
28. Nacho Calero Perez Honda 1’36.293
29. Alex Schacht Honda 1’36.762
30. Luca Scassa  Kawasaki 1’37.030
31. Eduard Blokhin Honda 1’38.674

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