2013 Silverstone WSBK to be cancelled?

The future of WSBK at Silverstone is  looking cloudy…

Photo: WSBK

German motorsports website Speedweek.de are reporting that the 2013 Silverstone round of world superbikes, scheduled to take place from 2-4 August is to be cancelled and replaced with a round at Turkey’s Istanbul circuit. The article cites lack of funds as the reason for the removal of the British venue. This comes a week after it was announced that MotoGP will run from the old pit complex when the elite series visits the circuit in September. Although Silverstone are already selling tickets for the round subject to question.

There have been several other doubts about the 2013 WSBK calendar despite the series starting this weekend in Australia: The June 23rd “to be confirmed” round, apparently to take place at Austria’s Red Bull Ring could be scrapped due to a deal not being reached between circuit management and WSBK. The Indian round has also been subject to question however after much speculation and the delaying of the round, it is confirmed to go ahead in November.

The Silverstone rumours come after British motorcycle insurance broker and sponsor Bennetts revealed on Twitter that they had heard rumours that Silverstone may be replaced by Istanbul for 2014. PaddockChatter would urge fans who have already bought tickets to wait until an official announcement is made by Silverstone, which we expect to be soon.
Source: http://www.speedweek.de/art_33485.html


14 thoughts on “2013 Silverstone WSBK to be cancelled?

  1. Not suprising when nobody attends, WSB has to face the truth now and make some money instead of giving the rounds for virtually nothing and hope the parent company foots the bill.
    I doubt Brands will have it for the same reason they got rid of it, the crowds were not the figures reported and the circuit was hemorrhaging money.


  2. We booked tickets at the NEC show in November and have since booked time off work and a hotel.

    I need to know if this is the case ASAP so I can do the same for Donington instead, although I doubt I would get the same bargain of £50 for a weekend ticket


  3. While it's a chance for Donnington to shine its a real kick in the teeth for motorcycle racing in general. I can't believe Silverstone can't afford it. Is it us the fans not investing enough or is it poor business management?


  4. I went last year. .they had closed off stands due staffing problems…that's what happens when you use G4..so they don't help themselves. .I certainly thought about giving it a miss this year.


  5. Why would silverstone pay wsbk organisers to hold a race which hardly anyone pays to go and watch?

    The reason the stands were closed last year wasn't because of staffing problems it was because so few people went that some stands had more security than paying punters.


  6. The great british weather was the reason people stayed away. I love the racing , brits need the support so I will be going, hope everyone who loves the racing in Britain goes or soon there won,t be any to go to.


  7. As great as the facilities are at Silverstone there is never any atmosphere and track is now too long so you have to wait ages for the bikes to come round. I really do hope that Brands get it back. Would be great to have a repeat of the Foggy, Hodgson and Toseland days.


  8. last year was a farce, empty stands, a complete cock up for the sat/sunday pit walk, never got in, empty stands, and the stands that where empty, we wernt allowed in, and it was pissing down, told they where all reserved seating, but not a sole in them.
    Get it back to Brands, the Hodgson days where awsome there, 120k crowd, lots of atmosphere.
    we have some great riders in wsb, but just not the interest as BSB is far better to watch.


  9. oh, and get this, for those of us that dont ride bikes but go to every meeting they can, silverstone are going to charge to park a car now for the moto gp, more expence, so think the crowds will be lower than normal this year!!


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