First pic of completed PBM CRT Contender

The Aprilia engined British-built CRT bike that Laverty will
race this year.

The CRT machine that Northern Irishman Michael Laverty will race in MotoGP’s CRT class this year has finally been completed, just in time for shipping to Sepang for the second MotoGP test next week.

Paul Bird announced last year that he would be running a British-built chassis in the CRT class for 2013, it was later announced that the machine would use Aprilia engines and the pilot would be Michael Laverty. The  machine, built in the PBM workshop wasn’t quite ready for the first test in Sepang so Laverty rode team mate Yonny Hernandez’ spare Aprilia ART machine and turned heads when he placed second CRT on the timing sheets.

Laverty’s machine is now ready and this photograph, posted on Twitter by BSB Champion Shane Byrne’s crew chief John Mowatt is of the machine before it was put in the crate to be shipped off to Sepang where Laverty will ride it for the first time.

As revealed by PaddockChatter earlier this month, Paul Bird’s PBM team will run British Racing Green livery for the 2013 season (a sneak peak of the livery can be found here) in a plan by the Cumbrian to cement an all British team in MotoGP in the future with an all British bike.

The second MotoGP test in Sepang beings next Tuesday.


One thought on “First pic of completed PBM CRT Contender

  1. Not sure I undertand this project. Is the hope to better Aprilia's chassis? 'Steal' the ideas while they can to enable shortcut R&D? Tacit acknowlegement that the ART is, essentially, cheating- not CRT but MMRSA? Just because they can?


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