Cluzel unlikely to ride tomorrow after Crescent Suzuki crashes

Cluzel won’t ride tomorrow

Photo: Crescent Suzuki

Fixi Crescent Suzuki’s Leon Camier and Jules Cluzel both took tumbles in today’s private test at Philip Island, despite placing second and seventh on the timing sheets respectively.

Camier suffered a huge highside this morning, however the team were able to re-built the bike quick enough to get him out there without losing much time. Camier continued to improve throughout the day and posted the second quickest unofficial time. “Today ended up pretty good considering the crash in the morning, we ended up second quickest which was good. There is still room for improvement in the bike – nothing massive – and I also feel that I can improve as well and the feeling with the setting could be better. I think it will get harder and harder from here because the track will get better and everyone will push more. I don’t really know why I crashed because the track felt good and it was nice and smooth with the new surface – in fact it was quite confidence inspiring. I was on an in-lap and as I turned into the second-last corner in quite a positive way – but slower than previously – the bike just came round on me and off I went. I was really shocked, as I didn’t expect it and I was suddenly very high in the air – I thought it was going to hurt when I was up there – luckily I didn’t hurt myself other than bashing my elbow and ankle. For the rest of the day I had more respect for the track and I just let it come to me. The surface improved as the day went on, not with grip really but tyre durability. We ended up going pretty quick, which was good and now we have to work on race-pace and concentrate on the race weekend.”

Frenchman Cluzel posted some competitive lap times for only his third trip out on a superbike, however suffered a crash early on with the high-speed incident damaging his GSXR1000, Cluzel walked away unhurt. Unfortunately, Cluzel wasn’t so lucky the second time he fell – needing medical attention to a large gash in his elbow. He will receive further treatment tonight, however it is unlikely he’ll ride tomorrow. “I had a really good feeling on my first time here on a Superbike, but I had a big crash in turn 11 – it was so big I think it should now be ‘Cluzel Corner’! I lost the rear really quickly and it took me by surprise, because I don’t really know what happened. The guys repaired the bike quickly because it was very damaged and they made sure I could ride at the end. I then had a second crash in the same place and I cannot say anything about it. It was also very surprising and although it was a less aggressive crash it opened the cut on my elbow. The feeling on the bike was really nice though and the GSX-R is easy to ride. After the first crash I had some good lap-times and I paid more attention to the track and so I was really confused why I crashed in the same place. I need to understand why this happened, maybe it is a certain style that I need to learn to ride the Superbike and especially in this corner – I don’t know yet!”


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