Hayden: The bike hasn’t changed since October

Hayden says the bike hasn’t changed much since the race
in October

Photo: Ducati

The Ducati Team have left Sepang aware of the challenging work that must be undertaken to get back towards the top of the time sheets after all four Ducati riders more than two seconds adrift of front man Pedrosa.

Hayden had reduced the gap to 1.5sec yesterday however improvements from the top riders saw the gap increase. He finished the test 2.08sec off fastest man Dani Pedrosa and just under two seconds from former team mate Valentino Rossi. Hayden admitted that he wasn’t happy: “We obviously can’t be happy when our times are that far off of the top guys, but we knew it was going to be tough. Sepang has never been a particularly good track for Ducati: we raced here in October, and the bike hasn’t changed much since then. We found a couple little things over the course of the test, which allowed us to improve our consistency on day three, but I think we need something big. Anyway, it was nice to be back on the bike and working with the guys. The team has worked extremely hard, and we just have to stay motivated and keep giving them the right information so that we can hopefully start making some real progress soon.”

Dovizioso who joined the Ducati team from Tech 3 Yamaha finished the test in 10th, 0.093sec from his team mate, just over 2 seconds from Pedrosa and nearly two tenths off the rookie who has replaced him at Tech 3, Bradley Smith. He also admits it was a difficult test: “Yes, it was a difficult test but we didn’t expect it to be any different. We’re here to improve the situation and everybody knows the level we are now so we have to improve. We tested as much stuff as we could, because we’re focused on improving the bike. The gap to the others is big, and we pushed a lot to understand the bike. I gave a lot of feedback, maybe too much! We don’t know how the next test in Sepang will be. There’s too short a time between now and then, so it’s difficult to do something big in this time. We still have to decide which parts we can bring to the second test. Unfortunately, we need time to try something big.”

Ducati’s MotoGP project manager, Paolo Ciabatti said: “Obviously, we’re not satisfied. We knew we were starting from a base that needed significant development work, but it’s not nice to realize we’re still so far from the leaders. Still, our engineers gathered important data, and now the only thing to do is to roll up our sleeves and continue the development program in the factory. The goal is clear: bring Ducati back to the top of the results sheet as soon as possible.”


One thought on “Hayden: The bike hasn’t changed since October

  1. “…not nice to realize we are still so far from the leaders.” With a bike essentially unchanged from last year and Honda and Yamaha no doubt improving, where exactly did he think he was going to be for this to be a 'realization' only at the end of the test.

    Furthermore what data have the engineers get from this test they didn't have from racing the exact same bikelast year. Perhaps this is part of Ducati's issues- the rest of the world 'realized' this quite some time ago. Come on Ducati let's get on with it, eh?


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