Stoner to V8 Supercars?

Updated: 20 January

Credit:  Harry Lloyd

Aussie news outlet the Herald Sun are claiming two-time MotoGP World Champion Casey Stoner  has confirmed a deal to race in Australia’s most popular form of motorsport for 2013, making his debut in just over a month, racing in the secondary ‘Dunlop development’ series in Adelaide. However, despite the Herald Sun article spreading fast on Twitter with vast congratulations to Stoner, the former Repsol Honda man tweeted claiming he has not made his mind up just yet:

“Don’t believe everything you read, haven’t decided what I’m doing yet, of course V8 Supercars is on the cards. Will let you know when I do!”

The controversial figure announced his retirement from 2 wheels back in Le Mans, stating that he had fallen out of love with the sport. Yet, you didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that his newly born daughter, Alessandra, probably had a significant influence over his decision. The Aussie reportedly turned down $15 million to ride for Repsol Honda in 2013… fatherly love eh?

Stoner has made no secret throughout his MotoGP career of his love for V8 Supercars, and that one day, he wished to go racing in the series. According to Herald Sun, the 27 year-old will be running his usual no. 27, with backing from Triple Eight Racing and running a Red Bull themed livery. The double world champion has set his aspirations high but is keeping a realistic frame of mind and doesn’t expect to be a prodigy from the off.

Poetry in motion…
Credit: Harry Lloyd

He would be the second Aussie to transfer from international Grand Prix racing to 4-wheeled racing after Wayne Gardner made the hop back in 1992, after a number of wins in both Japanese and Australian touring car/V8 Supercar series, he retired altogether in 2002.

“But what about a MotoGP comeback”? Afraid not, it seems. Casey is adamant as ever that he hasn’t even considered a return at any point in the future. Ever, ever…

We hope Casey enjoys similar successes in 4-wheeled racing as his incredible 2-wheeled career.



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