PaddockChatter talks to MotoGP rookie – Bryan Staring

Staring after winning the STK1000 race in Aragon

Photo: WorldSBK

One of the new boys to the MotoGP grid, Gresini CRT rider Bryan Staring took some time out of his training schedule to have a brief chat with us prior to the start of the 2013 season.

Staring is Australia’s only contender in the top class for 2013, after the retirement of Casey Stoner. Previously a multiple Australian SBK champion across several classes, he spent last year in the World Superstock Championship before signing to ride the Gresini FTR-Honda in late November.

Here’s what Bryan had to say…

A couple of questions about you and your background…

How did you originally start racing?

I started racing in 1992 on a PW50, my Dad was always into bikes and raced a bit of motocross. He’s a fan of all motorsports so it was easy for my brother and I to get into at a young age. We lived in a small country town called Norseman (800km to Perth city), then moved back to perth and it all got more serious through all junior MX classes. 

Is there a particular reason you run #67?

I’ve nearly always run #67. From my first ever national championships in 1994 I used 67. I’ve had a few other numbers here and there but 67 stuck. As a junior in Australia usually your first number represents the state you’re from. 6 being Western Australia. I’m particularly thankful Shakey Byrne didn’t race CRT as I’d have to find a new number haha.

What’s your career highlight so far, prior to moving to the GP paddock?

I’ve won championships in 125, Supersport and Superbike in Australia. My 3 wins in Superstock is also a big achievement for me, but I screwed up the championship, so there’s a bit of a chip on the shoulder of that highlight. I also scored a top 10 on the Pedercini World Superbike. That hasn’t been done too many times, so it was a good result for me.

Click “read more” to see what Bryan has to say about the coming season, his opinion of CRT and what he’s up to in the ‘winter’. 

This year…

How are you feeling going into this new chapter of your career?

Excited, nervous, anxious and proud. Pretty much all of them at the moment. I’ve been racing bikes for a long time and nothing happens overnight, so I’m happy to be in the GP’s.

Is there a particular aspect of racing in GP you’re looking forward to (e.g. circuits, bike, tyres, the competitors etc.)?

All my life I’ve sacrificed what ever I’ve had too, to be sure I was competing against the best riders possible. I want to see how good I am, and now I’ve got that opportunity. And it comes with the cool stuff now, like the quality of the bikes and teams.

What can you tell us about how the negotiations for the ride occurred?

Well actually, of all my options, this one fell together. To be fair I didn’t have a table full of contracts to choose from. It was only at the last moment Gresini contacted me, I’d never considered a move to the GP paddock as it’s always seemed a bit unobtainable. Once I realized the Gresini offer was real and not a friend playing a bad joke on me, it was an easy option. 

What’s your opinion of CRT?

I think it’s easy to say, if it wasn’t for the introduction of this class, a rider like myself wouldn’t have an opportunity in MotoGP. So in that regard it’s a great category. The rules, regulations and future of the category isn’t for me to decide. All I can say is it’s awesome that I get a chance. 

Do you think the gap to the prototypes will be shortened this year or we’ll have to wait for the rule changes in 2014?

I have no idea. All I know of the GP’s is what I see on TV and read in the magazines. I hope in the second year of CRT the gap will be closer, Moto2 made huge lap time improvements 12 months after it began. Maybe CRT will be the same? Although I expect CRT will never compete with MotoGP. And 2014 is way too far down the road to concern me at this stage. 

Since Dorna now basically run MotoGP and WSB, there has been talk of the STK1000 class in WSB being replaced by a Moto3 style championship… What’s your opinion of the Dorna take over?

It’s really hard to say. Other then WSBK going to Superstock specifications in 2014, I don’t know Dorna’s plans. I think the next 3-5 years will see a lot of changes inside motorcycle racing. In my opinion it’s possible that only 1 world championship could exist. All we know is Dorna have the power to do anything! We have to trust they’ll make the right decisions for the sport’s future.

Do you think being on a completely different bike will hinder a ‘traditional team-mate relationship’ between you and Alvaro? Will you be able to share useful data?

I can’t see us sharing too much data. Other then a vegemite sandwich I’m not sure what I can offer him. Although I’ll bet he could help me a lot, as I’ll have so much to learn. If I can get a tow for a lap at the start of a session I’ll be happy.

What do you get up to in the winter to prepare for the coming season?

Just the usual, I’m a pretty keen cyclist and have a lot of motocross experience from my junior days. So that’s what takes up most of my SUMMER days here on the Gold Coast of Australia where I live.

What are you hoping to achieve this year?

It’s an unknown. As lame as it may sound, all I can do is my best. I’m a realist, and I’m prepared for a very tough first half of the year. With enough time I think we’ll put it all together. We’ll see but all in all I’m confident we’ll do well

A massive thanks to Bryan for answering our questions, you can follow him on twitter @BryanStaring67 to hear all his latest news. 


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