Monster Energy stamp their mark on Yamaha MotoGP for 2013

Everywhere you look there is an energy drink, whether its big names such as Redbull, Monster and Relentless or those slightly smaller such as Rockstar, Kik and Tiger, energy drinks have begun to dominate daily lives and most likely your favourite sport.
Lorenzo waves goodbye to Rockstar…

If you look closely at your favourite rider’s helmet, leathers and bike, the likelihood is you will find some form of energy drink brand adorned.
However, with big bucks come big responsibilities. You’re expected to drink the drink, or at least seem to be doing so, before and after races and wear their brand with pride. Hats, t-shirts, jumpers, coats the energy drink in question tends to come with a range of merchandise without even mentioning the actual drink.
Yet, sometimes one rider pulls rank over another, or in this instance one company buys out another’s contract.

Allegedly, YamahaGP have bought out Jorge Lorenzo’s two year old partnership with Rockstar, who had just signed Lorenzo up for a further two year deal. Despite this, the return of Valentino Rossi meant Monster Energy felt it beneficial to offer an all inclusive deal.

The Italian has been suspected to be making his return with personal sponsor Monster Energy causing their first conflict of interests.
Supposedly, the energy drink manufacturer wished to take on Lorenzo as he is more likely, in the current situation, to provide the results they want as a sponsor. 2012 wasn’t a brilliant year for Monster Energy riders in the GP class; the 3 title fighters were sponsored by Monsters’ main rivals – Red Bull and Rockstar. By signing Lorenzo, Monster should have at least one championship elect in 2013. This also means that Monster now have a monopoly of personal sponsorship for all 4 Yamaha MotoGP riders next year.
As the current world champion Lorenzo is likely to carry copious amounts of screen time. Similarly, Rossi’s return to a more competitive bike should indeed carry the same fate, making this the perfect deal for Monster.
However, only time will tell whether the two Yamaha rivals are going to re-enact 2009 and 2010.

Lastly, an intriguing thought could be, will we see Red Bull following suit with Honda snatching up their final rider, Alvaro Bautista?



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