BSB bosses impose overseas testing ban

BSB riders will be hoping for days like this for the 2013 tests…

BSB bosses Motorsport Vision Racing have imposed a testing ban on overseas testing after January 2013. BSB is the latest series to put some form of cap on testing, with the MotoGP and WSB series both currently within their “Winter testing ban”, a blanket ban on all testing until the new year and a limit of 12 tests allowed throughout the season. (a website organising a test at Cartegena in 2013) claim that Stuart Higgs and his team have taken a slightly different approach, banning only overseas testing. However this will change things significantly with many of the larger teams often flying to the continent for their first tests for the upcoming season. One of the main reason team managers would take their teams abroad would be to avoid the averse weather we so often find here in the UK.

It is assumed the rationale behind the decision is based on money and fairness throughout the field. Naturally, only the bigger teams can afford to fly their squad out to Spain. This would usually mean the larger teams getting more testing whilst the first official BSB test in March is the first chance for some of the smaller teams to get out. However, this means the larger teams may very well just test more in the UK – something the smaller teams cannot afford, as circuit hire is expensive. That being said, what this could mean is teams could share circuit hire costs, meaning more comparable testing for all.


5 thoughts on “BSB bosses impose overseas testing ban

  1. What a crock…this is designed to help one thing alone, MSVR, pre season it costs us and one other team 3500 pounds for 4 days testing in spain, to hire cadwell, brands or oulton is 4 thousand pounds PER DAY and you run the rik of weather flooding you out at that!Its all deigned to bring in more revenue for MSVR, simples.


  2. Thought the scenario above might turn out to be the case. Can't see any rationale behind it. Small teams can just as easily club together for overseas trip add they can a session here.

    Is this actionable? Surely they can't impose whea team tests? Only whether they test or not as in GP etc?


  3. This will hit the privateer riders most 4 days in Cartagena 100 per day club together transport 250 accommodation 12 per night cheap food sun and when the bike are ready end of Feb Jan 1st no bloody good. 4 Days Cadwell cold wet there and back crash damage. Cant believe this is good for sport its a Con


  4. See our answer on next year it could be every one. When is your bike ready by Jan 1st Last years pro test had only 3 Top BSB runners whose parts arrived late as most do the other 50 odd competitors were normal guy's trying to do well in an awful winter. Some of opur young successes Howie Mainwaring, Chaz Davies, ACU Academy, Bradley Smith and many others.


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